September 20, 2007

New Feedback about DVD

This week another poultry extension specialist responded with feedback about my DVD, which I wanted to share.

Sorry, I have not gotten back with you sooner. I did watch the entire DVD a while back and wrote note. Just did not make time to type up and return to you.

All in all the video is very good. There are a few things that worried me, but more good than bad information.

The two biggest concerns:

1. The heavy pull toward purebred poultry and unnecessary negative comments toward hybrid or commercial birds. In many parts of the county the commercial layer or meat bird is the only opportunity youth have to be exposed to poultry. Also, many purebred lines of poultry are just as prone to straddled legs and other defects if not managed properly.

2. The food safety issues around the slaughter section of the video. Our Food Science and food safety people would have a great deal of concern with the overall process shown in the video.

That being said I still think your DVD has some very good information for the beginner and intermediate alike. I will check with my leaders in the state and see if they would like me to purchase some for the use in the state.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful note. The DVD did stress standard-bred birds in my “Showing” chapters but I also recommended production birds from any reputable hatchery for a backyard flock. My experience is that most hatchery 'production' birds will lay well and produce better than most standard-bred birds. For example -- One of my advisors for the DVD said that she bought a dozen Rhode Island Red standard-bred birds and although they were beautiful they did not lay well at all.

Please get back to me about the the food safety issues, the only comment regarding butchering I’ve gotten is that for commercial butchering it’s recommended to slit the jugular and let the bird bleed out without beheading it.

I address this in my blog response

Your offer to suggest the DVD to your leaders if they would be interested is greatly appreciated.


On a less serious note, today is my young pony's second birthday!

Always on the move, Aslan Equinox would not stand still for a photo.