Why would a Hollywood producer make a video about chickens?

Allison MacLeod (pronounced ma-cloud)

This is me, standing in front of the Hollywood sign with one of my favorite hens


Everyone needs to think about where their food comes from and how it is produced. I made this video and sell it at low cost because I believe that the way eggs and poultry are produced in factory farms creates food that nobody would want to eat. Nell Newman put it best, "If people knew how their food was produced, they'd be horrified."

This chicken video reflects my love for animals, and my methods create a healthy environment where the birds can flourish.Chickens reduce stress, they are fun to pet and care for, and they provide one way to get healthy protein. No matter where you live, I think anyone who wants to should be able to keep a few chickens in their backyard or on their apartment balcony. If you don't have roosters, your neighbors may not even know you have a couple hens. Even urban dwellers can keep a chicken, in the same way they might keep a parrot or parakeet.

For every person in America who eats eggs, owning a hen is one way to take command of that part of their diet. Go in with your friends, raise a few hens and let me know how it works out.


Below is a press release about what I'm doing.

Outlaw Pets
Raising fowl not a crime, claims Hollywood producer

Los Angeles, CA - Hidden behind the palm-lined streets of this trend setting city, the latest fashion in pets are Southeast Asian ground-dwelling birds. At least that's what their owners are telling zoning authorities.

"We think there are almost ten thousand backyard chicken flocks in Los Angeles alone," according to USDAVeterinarian Dr. Lilly Rai, "That's a quarter million birds. They're everywhere."
Inexpensive, chickens are cropping up across the United States, from posh suburbs to inner city apartments.

In the Atlanta Journal, Kim Dennis praised her eight chickens. "They're just so peaceful and wonderful. They crack me up because they're so out of place."

In Seattle, City Chicken classes have been standing room only for the last two years. Zoning laws are generally determined locally, and can vary widely. Even cities that prohibit livestock rarely prosecute people with backyard chickens unless a neighbor objects.

These urban folks with a yen for fresh yolks are flocking to "Beginners Guide to Raising Chickens," a new home video made by a network TV producer who's kept a small flock of poultry for almost 25 years, partly to help de-stress her demanding career.

"I saw a need for some neighborly advice," says Allison MacLeod, a Hollywood producer and backyard flock owner. "My friends all wanted pet chickens, but didn't know how to start."
Raising Chickens covers all the basics. It explains how to build a brooder for mail order chicks, caring of adolescent and adult chickens, and even how to kill and prepare a chicken for dinner. "With this video, even someone who's never had chicks before can order babies and learn how to raise them" MacLeod continued.

Can a Hollywood producer talk turkey about chickens? Kathy Burr-Ballestros, Executive Director of the Los Angeles County Farm Bureau thinks so. "I wish I'd had this video before I started with chickens. It would be good for people in the city who want to raise chickens."

Celebrity chef Donna Prizgintas was impressed with the demonstration of how to turn a hen into a dinner. "This video gives a sensible demonstration of chicken butchering. It's empowering!."

MacLeod hopes her new will appeal to this new breed of urban chicken fancier. "We’re also offering a bumper sticker to people who order direct from our web site, www.chickenvideo.com." The sticker says: "Wherever chickens are outlawed, only outlaws will have chickens."

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